Fruit Bars

Our frozen fruit bars are made with natural ingredients without adding any artificial ingredients or colors. We only use fresh fruit and lightly sweeten them with Stevia. Our pops are the perfect snack at the office, on a warm summer day, after school, or even after a workout. After your first bite, we hope you’ll agree with our motto that “Simple Ingredients are Simply Delicious”.

What’s in our Fruit Bars?

Low calorie 30 – 105 calories

½ serving of daily recommended fruits per pop

Made in small batches to ensure a fresh and intense flavor

Minimal processing, considered a raw food

Sweetened with Stevia

Vegan (even our chocolate banana pineapple)

What’s not?

NO high fructose corn syrup

NO preservatives

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO Guar Gum

Mike Thompson
Chief Pops Officer

Mike Thompson

Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about Pedal Pops and our humble beginnings. My name is Mike Thompson and I am the Chief Pops Officer of my company. My family relocated to Bentonville, AR in 2011 and while I was a corporate accountant for 20+ years, I wanted to make a career change. With the support of my family, I decided to follow my dreams and entered the world as an entrepreneur.

So… how did I start making paletas or ice pops? I can honestly say my intention was to open an ice cream parlor as it had been a life long dream. We started making ice cream but ran into a problem with the department of health’s coding for a manufacturing versus retail establishment. Without the blink of an eye, I started making fruit pops the very next day. My inspiration came from Steven who started the King of Pops in Atlanta, GA. If you’ve never tried their pops, you’re in for a treat!

Once I realized that I had a great product of my own, the Bentonville Farmers Market allowed me to start selling our fruit pops at the market. The following year, the Fayetteville Farmers Market allowed me to join their market as well. Since our original opening in 2011, we have moved our production facility from Jack’s Bakery in Bentonville, AR to our present location in Fayetteville, AR. During this time we have found additional businesses that like our products and are now selling our pops. Please check out our locations page for a full listing of all the respective locations and the pops available.

Pedaling Into the Future

For the future… we have developed our alcohol pops and had them approved by the ABC. You can actually purchase the pops and eat them directly out of the package.

We encourage you to try our pops at one of our local pop stands and if you are not satisfied after the first or second bite, we will either change out your pop or refund your purchase.