Frozen Fruit Pops

Social Distancing? Celebrate National Frozen Foods Month and Enjoy Pedal Pops

Fruit Bars
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At a time when a pandemic dominates the news, you’re probably thinking of your health and how to be healthy more than ever before! At Pedal Pops, we founded our company based on the idea that all-natural, simple ingredients with no added water, preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners or thickening agents make the best treats, and they also make the best – and most delicious – frozen fruit bars.

Frozen Fruit Pops

March is National Frozen Foods Month and Consumer Reports recommends buying and enjoying single-ingredient frozen fruits, such as frozen berries, mangoes, and other fruits that are free of added sugars. We agree that simple is better. Our motto says it all: “Simple Ingredients are Simply Delicious.” (And, yes, we have fruit bars in those and many other flavors.) You can be sure, when you bite into a Pedal Pop, you’ll be tasting delicious fruit that we prepare using all the best parts of the fruit to ensure you enjoy the delicious, fresh taste as well as benefit from the healthy fiber and nutrients contained in real fruit pulp.

Another differentiator: we use as much of the fruit as possible without adding water, thickening products, or adding artificial ingredients. We only use fresh fruit and a touch of stevia, which helps keep the sugars and calories low. In essence, when you bite into a Pedal Pops fruit bar, you taste the very best, unadulterated fruit. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not add water, fillers, or sugar.

At a time when taking care of your body is more important than ever, consider incorporating Pedal Pops all-natural, delicious and enjoyable fruit bars. Pick some up today at Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville and AKiN’s Natural Foods in Rogers until our location in Farmington reopens for the season.

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